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(Prt4) karmen´s cabaret The Show Must Go On??

Before I went to sleep, I was contemplating if I should wear my hair curly, or straight for my cabaret. The next morning, Russia invaded Ukraine. Overnight, the entire world was turned upside down. For the next few hours, I stayed glued to my television watching the news. I spend seventy percent of my time in Russia. So I began to wonder what role do i play as a guest, friend, musician, American?

In America, we read about the wars in which we are involved. We see images on our television, and social media. But we Never feel the direct effects on least I havent. I do not ever recall another country targeting America, on American soil. The wars have always been somewhere else. Cut to today, I am in Russia. I don´t have the luxury of. ignoring what´s going on (Well, actually I do.) The sanctions and Western brands leaving can be felt in daily life. And it has made me unsure how to proceed in my personal life. I have friends and loved ones in Ukraine and Russia, so what am i supposed to do? Or am I expected to do anything?More importantly, as an (American) Musician, would it be seen as "careless" to continue my concerts? Would my heart appear plastic-like, if I focus on my Cabaret project, as if tragedy and heartache didn´t surround me?

My Muse also had a few concerts scheduled, and decided to proceed. He invited me to come. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity to escape reality for a few hours. Plus, I could get a vibe of the city´s general mood....

The concert was FIRE!! Thank you KASTA. When the DJ played "That´s Just the Way It Is"2PAC...everybody went wild. I turned to the girl beside me..she flashed me the peace sign. Some folks at the other far end of my seating- section raised their drinks to me. "One Love" They mouthed. I lifted my wine, and did the same. I guess they could tell I was American. After the DJ set, my Muse hit the stage. They crowd began chanting his name. The vibe reminded me of New York´s 9/11 concert for the city.

I watched from the comfort of my home. As New York came together to enjoy the Music. Through the television lens, I could sense the air of sorrow in the crowd. I felt it again that evening in Moscow. Dejavu. They too were at the concert to break away from our reality for something positive and steadfast; Music. The concert inspired me to continue with my upcoming events. Not only is it my job, but it´s MUSIC. Life must go on, and so must the show.

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