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Pulp fiction or f*ck it?

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Foxy's, you MUST help. PLEASE take the poll below. It's only one question. I came up with (what I thought was) a brilliant idea to create a Pulp Fiction theme concert. The soundtrack is mad fire, and Second Frenzy is the perfect band to perform each song! Sprinkled with a few bangers from the same genre...the concert would be awesome. There are a few other surprises i have in mind, but a Goddess doesnt reveal all of her secrets. Anyway, some of the musicians feel that maybe Pulp Fiction isn't such a good idea. He made a good few points about his opinion. So now I'd like to get your opinion. Please answer the question below.

And to remind you of the songs from the movie Click Here. And let me know if you'd would come to a Pulp Fiction themed concert. Thank you in advance, Foxys!!!

Would You Come to a Pulp Fiction theme- concert?

  • yes

  • no


Hi Foxy's, so most of you voted on my istagra poll. and i received a hard NO to the "Pulp Fiction" themed concert. My feelings are a bit hurt, because it was my idea. But at the same time, you saved alot of wasted resources on a flop idea. UUgh!...I now got to tell my band members they were correct. I hate when i am wrong. It happens so rarely, that i can never get used to the feeling. LOL. Stay Foxy!


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