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relax, release, reload...

Love and Luxuries, Moxie´s Foxys. Im feeling a bit extra today, bc i am writing you from the wonderful solutiude of my deluxcios (luxury and delicious put together) hotel room. An overnight stay to relax, release, and reload. The holidays are finally done, and I need to reset my everyday life back to normal. November thru mid January is the most hectic of the year for traveling, performing, and celebrating. It´s my most favourite time of the year. But for now, time to adjust for the upcoming season.

Over-Night-Hotel stays my most darling splurge to myself. Sometimes I visit the restaurants. But I prefer room service. I found a wonderful hotel, only ten minutes away from my home, in the middle of Moscow. I know some of you think I am being a bit excessive. If I amare sayingtravel far, or stay home...right? Wrong, Foxys. We are constantly trying to distract ourselves with music, dining out, movies. Sometimes we need a break from everyday life, so we meet friends, go to museums..etc. Im just doin it Moxie style.

I try to twice a month. Sometimes, it turns into a weekend getaway if needed. Fam, I can testify to better sleep, less stress, and better focus are just a few improvements. I bring nothing that connects me with the outside world. NO work, no emails, no worries. And I enjoy immensely my solitude. For that night I am not Singer, Friend, Sister, nor Lover...

I am No One. In a Fabulous Hotel.

If there is one lesson we are all bringing into ´23 is "The Importance of Stress Management" Absolutely ZERO percent of us made it to the New Year unscathed in some manner. The global daily news is enough to keep us in a constant stressful, negative state. But let it also be a reminder to take care of ourselves...and those around us. Many in my tribe subconsciously neglect self care. But i am patiently nudging them to do better. I´m obsessed with their presence in my life, so I need them to do better. How about You? How do you relax, relate, and release?

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