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Retrieve your pearls, Sis!

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

To "Throw your pearls to swine" means to give something highly valuable to someone who doesnt deserve nor appreciate it. While streaming an episode of Shark Tank ( shark tank and coffee gets my entrepreneurial juices flowing for the work day. There so many business lessons to be learned, with each contestant that walks thru those doors. It excites me to see ambitious people going after the dreams), one of the sharks said "Everybody deserves a chance" about a business couple who was seeking a loan. Their business wasnt deserving of one. But the sharks wanted to help the couple anyway, because they liked them. But it got me to thinking...does EVERYONE deserve a chance, REALLY??

I have had so much undeserved kindness shown to me from people in all walks of life. In gratitude, I try to pay it forward to others, including strangers. But have you ever helped out someone, who just wasted the gift you handed them? They ask for help, and you give them your best...but they don´t appreciate it, nor you. It´s the Most annoying situation because it makes you feel like a fool. You´re helping someone out, and you get egg in your face, at the end of the day. It makes you want to never help anyone again. On the other hand, if everyone had that type of attitude, then I wouldnt receive the many blessings that keep coming my way. It took a while, but i finally understand the lesson about helping others...

The universe never requires of us to give our best to others. If we do, it is kind. But it is not a requirement in order to be deemed "a good person". Actually, we are put on this earth to enjoy the life we have. We should always give the very best to ourself, since we are our number one priority. The Celebrities on Shark Tank were very kind to help the business couple with a loan, even though they didnt deserve it. But it was neither required of the shark; nor did the shark give their most valuable assets. So, instead of giving my pearls, I now let people borrow my bedazzle gun. LOL:

Once I started seeing my valuable assets as my babies...I became more leery of whom I allow to babysit. Time is one of my most valuable children. I allow very few to engage with her. Money and Love are my most sensitive kids. So I rarely allow them to help other people. So, Foxys, we are no longer throwing our pearls to swine. Right?? Stay Foxy!!

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