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September 9th, First show!!

My Fellow Dreamers, Lovers, and I Dreaming?! Could it be that I have an actual date for my Cabaret Show?? The answer is YESSS!!! I actually did it!!! Is this what it feels like when you become a Home Owner?? LOL...

I cant describe my mood at this moment. I feel proud, terrified, anxious, determined, happy, daring, and shocked. I didnt think claiming a date would be so tangible for me. I guess because I only dreamt of the actual show, and not the business part. The contract had at least ten pages I needed to sign. But as I was signing the contract, I could feel my dream becoming a reality. Each signature sent me further and further away from the start. And now there´s no turning back.

As excited as I am to show you are the heard work I out into this show for you, I am equally anxious about you liking it. I made all the decisions, from the Music to the Dancers. The outfits, event hall, which songs to perform....everything boils down to Moxie. Triumph or Tragedy, there will be no Art Directors, Musicians, or anyone else to share in the results with me. Whew! I am excited to see what that moment will feel like. Oh, yes...I will also tell you the name of the event hall on July 8th. I am picking between two event rooms at the moment. They are BOTH gorgeous! But I want to consult with my sound man before making the final decision. Until then, let´s keep dreaming our dreams into reality. Music Loves You.

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