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Shut the F* up, Bih!!

I have NO idea why people always have something to say about MY life. I literally stay in my own lane, and tend to my own business. But it doesnt matter. Be it bitter family members (I mean blood family...not the ones I have chosen to be in my tribe); deleted friends, or associates, they are ALWAYS babbling about me. It is quite comical, really. Yet, they are always the first ones to claim how much they love me. I NEVER hear from them, unless i can do something for them. It isnt always tangible things they want from me. They have a secret disdain for me, but want to keep me around to validate who they are. The funny part is they speak abusively to me, then try to stay in my life simultaneously. They NEVER acknowledge, nor apologize for hurting me...even when I let them know. They just silently slither back into their cave, and tend to their wounded pride. Parasites. But as Beyonce says "I dont argue with these bitches, I just raise my price." As they cowardly creep out of my life, they are doing me a favor. I just wish they would shut the fuck up, once they leave. LOL. Please shut the fuck up, Bitch.

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