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Singing in Russian for the First Time!!

Surprise! Your girl is Bilingual. I taught myself Spanish years ago. I couldnt afford Spanish class at the time. So I put the close- caption on the bottom of my screen in Spanish; got me a Spanish dictionary and taught myself. Six months later, I am telling lies on my job resume about taking a formal Spanish class, and got the job as an interpreter at Duke University hospital, North Carolina (the children´s wing). I kept studying after that to keep the job. Fake it until you make it. Right? Well, the Russian language is an exception. I can´t fake this language at all.

I never had a reason to learn it before. Though I live in Moscow, I am the Boss. And if you want to work for me, YOU must learn MY language. Why must I pay you, AND learn your language?? I still feel that way. But that´s in business. For social purposes, I need to at least be able to engage in small- talk. So during isolation, I taught myself how to read Russian. And now, I am teaching myself how to sing some of their songs. Karaoke is a HUGE scene here, so I am helping myself socially.

And here it VERY first Russian song. Yes, I understand what I am singing. And yes, I am learning more songs. Furthermore, I would like to hold myself up as an example to anyone who is afraid of being laughed at, in turn, wont try new things. I KNOW my pronunciation needs work...but I have never been afraid of what others may think. You have to just get out there and do it. Laughter has never paid a bill, so dont fear it.

I hope I this video bring a smile to your face. Hold your loved ones close, and your happiness closer. Mox.

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