Singing Russian Song #2. Happy New Year!!

HAPPPPY FREAKIN´NEW YEAR!! How did you celebrate? I swear, I had plans to resume life after January 3rd. But the celebration simply would not die. Everything that I needed in 2020 was given to me on New Years Eve....Love, attention, and time with a good friend. I didnt realize how thirsty my soul had grew from lack of human connection. Like many of us, I was focused solely on surviving the pandemic. So, when NYE came around, I stayed stuck in the moment way past the celebration expiration date.

Well, thank goddess Russia celebrates New Years on January 13th. It gave me time to emerge from my hobbit-life, and post Нюша - Это Новый Год, just in time for the holidays. This song was much harder to perform than Текила-любовь . There are parts in the song that seems like 15 words are crammed into two seconds of the song. But the good news is I starting to understand the language better. Let me know what you think of my version.

Hopefully the pandemic will cease, and I will be able to share more of my Russian life with you. Until then, enjoy the video. And PLEASE take care of yourself. Happppy NEWW Year, my friends!!