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Go Monday: the Sky is not the limit

Happy Monday, Foxies!! My weekend was warm, wild, and exuberant. It's weekend like these that makes me happy I am childless. Whew, Chiiile, the debauchery. It's still my birthday- month, so I am allowed (moxie innocently bats her eyes).

This Monday's piece is called "Sky Is Not the Limit"? I believe our imagination is limitless. So our dreams can be also. Our imagination is like our own personal playground where we can dream up anything we want. There are no rules there, so we can think about whatever we fancy. But I would be thrown in jail for the things that cross my mind...but i digress. LOL Our Imagination is super important for reaching our goals because we have to picture it before we can make it happen. Right? So, let's dream big, bold, and lavishly. Say it with me now

Go Monday. Go Monday.


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