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Speaking Russian

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Happy Monday, Fam!!I have been MIA from the grid. But I NEEDED that rest! Moxie has been boked and busy all summer. That means I stay on a rigid vocal rehearsal and fitness routine when I have a rigid work schedule. But this past week...i RESTED! I didnt just sleep and drink wine the entire week....though you know it was on the schedule. But I did alot of spiritual spring cleaning and mental check up. I am proud to report things are pretty much on point. In general; I am content with the way life is progressing now. I needed to take a week off to smell the flowers. But it´s a new week, and I am fully charged to take on the week.

Anyway I wanted to share an experience I recently recorded. A video of me purchasing mangos in a Russian shop, with no help from a translator. Although I understand Russian when I hear it, my speaking skills are still not up to par. I know I should be further along with my Russian, but with the world making it easier to communicate in different languages, I don't think it will be happening anytime soon.

At any rate, surving-Moscow-without-knowing-the-language is the most asked question that I receive, so I want. to start sharing real-time experiences, to give you an eyewitness idea on your own. Maybe it will help take away some of the hesitation many of Foxy Fam have about traveling out of the country. With so many daunting things going on in the world today, I understand the concern. So far, my experiences in all 40 countries have been safe. But I digress. Check out the video, and give me your thoughts. Happy Monday!! Stay Foxy!!

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Jul 04, 2023
Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

You're voice is softer when you speak Russian. Nothing sounds like English. I would have a terrible time learning it. I think you're doing well with learning it. How long has it been since you first landed in Russia?

I've traveled outside of Canada but only to English speaking countries. Keep up the learning Queen.

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