Still Here...How ´bout YOU??

I made a vow that i would be more consistent with my blogs, and then I fell off the face of the earth at the end of February. What happen?? The GIF explains it all. LOL..Well, a pandemic took over the world, so I was quarantined for several months. Of course, I could have blogged during quarantine. But I mostly stayed on Instagram and Facebook. Blogging made me feel isolated; whereas Instagram and Facebook made me feel like I was socializing with others. The social distancing was a mental battle for me. Then, of course, isolation invited my two worse enemies...self doubt and regret. I began to wonder if i was making the right decisions for my life. And then i started reminiscing over past mistakes and regrets. A mini depression threaten to ruin my sanity. In an unrelated situation, I ended up spending three weeks in the hospital. Suddenly landing in a Russian hospital, during a pandemic, was NOT something I could have planned to handle. Plus, I had to spend my birthday in isolation. Not to mention the racial fights, riots, and protests that took place WORLDWIDE during this time. This will be a year that no one will EVER forget.

But I cant say this time was ALL bad. Just a couple of months ago, my third and final sister has started communication with me again. So now, I have all three sisters in my life now. I never thought that would ever happen. Three of us have grown close, and continue to learn more about each other.The fourth sister, I hold no expectations because it is still new. I will share more of that in a later blog. But for now, I just wanted to drop a line saying "Hello", and how the hell are you? How did you handle the past few weeks? the bottom line is we survived, and i am so happy to have made it on the other side with you. Hold your happiness close, and your loved ones closer.


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