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Taraji P Henson

“Single mom and doing the damn thing.” That’s Taraji P Henson’s quote on her Instagram page.🥰🥰🥰

The fact that she was pregnant in college did not stop her from graduating. She worked as a singing waiter to put herself through college.

The fact that she arrived to Hollywood with very little money did not stop her from becoming Hollywood Royalty.

She speaks how she arrived to Hollywood prepared for the multitude of doors shutting in her face, before she got her yes.

She evokes and encourages unity and Love thru her words and charities. My favourite character she has played thus far is Cookie. My second favourite character is Shug from the movie “Hustle and Flow”she plays a crackhead - singer. 😂😂

What’s your favourite work from Wonder Woman Taraji? #WonderWomanWednesday


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