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TGIF! Thank Goddess I'm foxy!

We did it, Foxies!! We made it to the weekend. Friday is the start of my week, as a musician an performer. The week is basically preparation: rehearsals, vocal rests, proper dieting and exercise..etc. So much goes into maintenance, as a vocalist. I AM my instrument. So I most of my week is mundane construction for the weekend. Then Friday comes....and it's SHOWTIME! Concerts, Night Clubs, Private Parties...

Friday is the gateway to releasing all of the built up stress from the week before. It's a symbol of the bygones of the week. On The weekend, we get a clean slate for the upcoming week. The weekend signals that we have yet Another chance to reach our dreams; another day with our Loved ones; another Martini in our glass.. LOL. Whenever your "Friday" comes, you better enjoy the hell out of it. THANK GODDESS I"M FOXY! And you are too. MWAH!

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