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The Dragon vs the Dogs...

To empower other women is one of my multiple life- callings. My New Year Resolution of 2020 was to become more involved empowering the female community. From that point on, I hired black women first.. then white women. I hired men only if I couldnt find a qualified woman. Women are the first on my list to be recommended for jobs. Concert coordinators, MUA´s, Vocalists, Hairstylists, Videographers are just a few. Some women didnt think they were qualified for certain positions. But I not only encouraged them to go for it...I trained them. Despite having boyfriends, husbands, and multiple family members, women have came to me for financial help. And i gladly gave it to them, even though I am single, with no family to help me. Some women have even asked me to help their men find jobs. But through this process I have learned a very hard lesson: Just because you are good to people, it does not mean they will be good to you.

Some of these very same women talk behind my back; say negative sh** to other people IN MY FACE, trying to pass it off as a joke. Some have watched in silence, as I have been mistreated. And yet, these are the same women with their hand out for anything I am willing to give them. ENOUGH.

As Dolly Parton once said "Get off the cross, somebody needs the wood!" I ignored the bullsh** for a while, because I wanted to be a good person...the bigger person. Turning-the-other-cheek has been embedded in my DNA since I was a child. In the cult, we are always reminded of the story of Jesus being stoned to death, for the same people in which he gave his life. And his dying words were "Forgive them, Lord. For they do not know what they do", or sumpin´ along those lines. Well, I do not walk on water. And, unfortunately, I can´t turn water into wine. So, the days of being stoned by these Bitches in cheap clothing is over. Yes, there was a major incident that has caused me to arrive to this conclusion. I won´t go into full detail, but I will tell you this C.U.N.T slapped me (insert gasp here).

She is known to be a violent drunk, and beat on her boyfriend. I actually have it on video. Over the years, her actions have showed the type of woman she is...bitter, jealous, violent, and hateful. But I ignored these traits and continued to help her, every time she asked for it. A few times, she crossed the line with me, but NEVER to the extent of putting her hands on me. Because I kept sweeping her actions under the rug, she felt comfortable enough to slap me. But she wasnt too comfortable after I pepper sprayed her in the face. I am not going to lie, I got great satisfaction from marinating her eyes and flesh with my ammo. It didnt stop there. My wrath was so furious, her AND her boyfriend was begging me for forgiveness. They realized how much damage I could do to their personal and secular life. Thats the only reason they began gravelling. I got the texts. So fukn pathetic.

As justified as it would be to destroy her, I decided to back off. I can´t kick a dog while she is down, no matter how rabid she is. It´s just not in my nature. I do not wish anything bad on her. But it is a lie to say I wouldnt relish in her downfall a tiny bit. We both know, I have burned the bridge between us.

After the incident, I decided to burn the bridges with the other women who have accepted my kindness for weakness. They, too, are banished from my kingdom. There was no announcement of my actions. Thats what a Queen would do. That was the old Moxie. I have transformed into a Dragon. I simply burned their bridges... disconnected.

Even though I am not a religious person, I do appreciate Matthew 7:6 “Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces."

From now on, I will only empower those who will have my back, the way I have theirs. PERIODT.

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