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The Song list

Just like the vodka is the backbone of my martini, the songlist is the backbone of any concert. Did you like that analogy? I made it up myself, Foxies (insert your applause here).

My assistant found it a little odd that he caught me making the song list five minutes before the show. But there is some reasoning to my madness.

My audience's age ranges mostly from 24 to 55. So the choice of music among them is eclectic. Of course, I can create a set list days before any event. But it'e better if i get a feel of the audience, before making song choices.

In Russia, they use the word "jazz" for RnB, Jazz, Blues and pretty much any music affiliated with black people. So instead of asking what genre my client wants, I ask for an example of what artist they'd like the band to play. And can you believe that I have actually had clients to change an entire genre, hours before performing?? LOL. Thank Goddess English is not their first language, because I have sung many lyrics wrong. Thats what happens when I have no time to prepare. Oh, Song List, you are undefeated.


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