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top five benefits of private parties...

PRIVATE PARTIES ARE MY BREAD AND BUTTER! I LOOOVE them so much. An organizer once told me "I noticed that no other organizers invite you to perform." That's because organizers are for "public" events. There's no public advertisement when performing at a wedding. I wonder what this organizer thought I did for money, when she doesnt see me performing publicly??? LMAO!!!!

  1. Private Events Pay More. A private event's coin is much more glamorous than public events. As it should be.

  2. No Art Directors Allowed. One of my biggest issues I have with Art Directors is when they think you work For them, and not With them. So they believe they can change the agreement mid-contract; or they feel they don't have to hold up their end of the bargain. Private Event Coordinators are more collaborative. They understand that my tech rider is just as important as their tech rider. Art Directors want the most out of you for the least money. PEC's treat you like a professional artist with mutual respect. (of course there's exception to every rule).

  3. Up Close and Personal. My shows, fashion, hairstyle an so on are created based on the personal style of guets. Sometimes that means learning a new song, which is exciting. I love the challenge.

  4. I am the Chosen One. It's a beautiful feeling to look out at the audience from the stage. These people actually came to see ME, is what I think to myself each time. And it's twice the lovely feeling when guests invite me to their personal event. Don't get me wrong, I LOVVVVE my Foxy Fam at my shows!!! I live for the vibe we share.

  5. Gatsby, 70s, Birthday, Divorce, Bar mitzvah, All Black... ENDLESS theme parties saturate the Private Event industry. It's great to dress up for each one. My favourite so far is the Great Gatsby. It's so entertaining to watch the guests go from elegant and glamorous, to gettin' funky and ripping up the dance floor. LOL!

Either private or public, I love you all from the bottom of my martini glass. MWAH!


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