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top five keys to happiness...martinis,music, Manicures, mistakes, and money

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Happiness and Blessings, Foxys. Thank you for returning to my blog. Though I feel it is obvious, I think I my must preface my blog with an explanation...just in case it's not clear to everyone. But Moxie's "Top Five..." are just symbolisms. They represent the vital elements needed for a happy life. For example, Martinis represent "celebration and gratitude". So when reading this blog, think of what each element represents to you (except "Money"..that one is literal). Luv youuzz!

  1. Martinis. What's a life without celebrations? And what's a celebration without Martinis? I am a wine drinker myself. Red or white...I love them both, as long as it's dry. But on the occasions I celebrate my success...I will enjoy a nice apple martini. MMMM!! Do lemon drops count as martinis? Maybe you have a differ way of celebrating yourself. How we celebrate isn't the most important, just as long as we honor our triumphs. Let's not forget the importance of celebrating with gratitude. Being thankful for the the things we have is a form of celebration. I have found the more gratitude I have, the more abundance comes into my life. So cheers to our wonderful life, and all the success I have thus far.

2. Music. We've all heard the saying that "Life without music is just noise."That's ABSOLUTELY true for my life. It's no exaggeration that I would most likely wouldn't be alive today, if it wasn't for music. It was my vehicle, my safety net, my only confidant when I left the cult. Music is a powerful tool that heals, inspires, and bring people together. It's one of the few elements that crosses all boundaries and unites us as human beings. "Research has shown that listening to music can reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain as well as improve sleep quality, mood, mental alertness, and memory." John Hopkins Medicine.

3. Manicures. SELF CARE IS NOT A LUXURY. It can't be emphasized enough. In this blog, manicures represent "self care"By incorporating self-care into our daily routine, we reduce stress and anxiety and improve our mental and physical health. Many of us drive our bodies into the ground, and expect it to work on full tilt, with no type of maintenance. If we treated our cars the same way, it would eventually began to break down. And the repair ends up costing more than regular maintenance. The same goes for our body: it will eventually breakdown and we will have no choice but to finally take care of ourselves. But why wait until the damage is done? We must prioritize our self-care and make it a regular part of your life. If you're like me, sometimes life gets a bit hectic, and the first thing we neglect is ourselves. However, acclimating to my "soft life" has made me raise my value in my own eyes. The more valuable something is, the more we naturally want to take care of it. And now, self care is like wearing clothes for me. No matter what am going thru in life, I NEVER forget to put on clothes. I want this for all of us, Foxys. I want us to love ourselves so much, that caring for ourselves is second nature.

4. Mistakes. My regular readers know exactly how I feel about mistakes. My mistakes are my acquaintances, and biggest life teachers. They do not define me, but guide me. They are not stumbling blocks, but they are stepping stones. The ability to extract lessons from our errors is what defines us. How do you relate to your mistakes? Of course, it hurts sometimes when we take three steps forward, and one or two steps back. But for how long do we focus on our error, versus how long we focus on the lessons?

5. Money. I am living proof that the love of money is Not the root of all evil. I LOVE money, and I am not evil (depending on who you ask, I guess..LOL). Many say money can't buy happiness. Apparently, those people do not know where to shop. Money keeps me quite happy, because it gives me the freedom to live the life I want. I am able to pay my bills, and help those around me because of money. Many feel that money changes you. It doesn't. Money gives you the ability to be more of who you already are. If you're jerk, you're not going to suddenly become a saint because of money. Or vice versa. Money is simply a tool. Nothing more, nor less. The same dollar that's used to buy drugs, weapons and so on is the same dollar that can be used to buy food, help a charity..etc. Do not allow others guilt or shame you into seeing money as this evil entity that you should fear. Bad and good people come in all tax brackets. It's best if we take a financial class, or speak to a financial advisor instead of listening to others, because everyone's relationship with money is different. And just like any relationship, it should not be based on others opinions...but ours alone.

What do you think about my top five keys to happiness? Do you agree, or you have your own top five. Either way, let me hear from you. Until we meet again, Stay Foxy!!

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