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Walking the runway in the moscow

Yassss, Foxies!! That's me struttin' down the walkway in Moscow, Russia. I was nervous as fu#k!!

Never in a million years have i seen myself walking a runway. But after my appearance on "The Voice of Russia", I was contacted by the fashion designer. Two days later, I am walking the runway. This is a perfect example of why we should fake it until we make it.

I had zero percent confidence in my ability to walk the runway. Performing on stage is different than walking a runway. My stage performance is organic. The runway is more robotic. But the fashion designer believed in me. His confidence in me helped me fake it. And as you can see from the picture, I WERKED that runway, Foxies! OWW!

But what you don't see in the picture is the nervous sweat on my forehead, running down my face. And the beautiful ruffles disguised my wobbling legs. My shoes were one-size-too-big, so I wobbled down the runway, but with my head held high. The audience slightly "ohh and ahh'd", because it's was an exotic surprise to see a Black woman in Moscow. But I pretended the noise was because of my stunning beauty. LOL.

Can I legit say I am a professional Model now (insert wine sip here)? Love You All! Stay Foxy!


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