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Who Stole My Body??

Updated: Jan 9

I have no idea who may be the culprit. I remember leaving it on my Pilates mat a few weeks ago. I thought it was safe there while I enjoyed the holiday drinks, cakes, and bread. But When I returned, there was No trace of her. Has anyone else been robbed?

So here is an update after my first week back to the drawing board: STRUGGLING. That sums up everything. The first two days, I struggled with a simple 15 minute set of Pilates. I can no longer finish the entire course without taking a thirty seconds break occasionally. I struggled with my carb-cravings. And only gave in a couple of times. But before the week was over, my body started to realise we were not turning back to our old ways. It finally surrendered to its inevitable destiny, and stopped working against me. The carb- craves have lessen. And my Pilates endurance has increased.

I thought about waiting until the New Year before getting back in shape. But I just felt so gross, groggy, and gluttonous. Ugh. The change was needed to feel good about myself. Let me be clear.....

I am NOT upset bc I've been unhealthy these past few weeks. I'm not going to beat myself up for the choices I made. My late-night- bag of chips and wine only effect's my weight, not my self esteem. So do not worry that I am having body-image issues, or anything of that nature, my Friends. Body issuers IS a real problem in society. People allow themselves to feel pressured to have a certain look, especially women. Between now and the start of '23, many of us women will be trying to find the culprit that stole our healthy bodies. But let's remember to be kind to ourselves, Ladies. No crash diets! No unreasonable weight loss goals. And NO ONE ELSE should have a say about our personal journey.

Stay Foxy! 🦊

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