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Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Why Russia?? That’s what I am asked EVERYDAY Before the pandemic, I spent 8 months a year in Russia. The rest I travel to various countries, and stay 2-3 weeks at a time. But no matter where I go, all roads lead back to Moscow. My explanation is not so simple. But I will try my best to make the story short. I didn’t intend on moving here. At the time, I was traveling internationally as an Entertainer. (Free agent, by the way😉Booking my own shows).When I landed a gig in Moscow, the first thing I noticed was No Black people. I knew For Sure I would endure racism. America’s government is systematically designed against Blacks; and racism runs thru America’s historical bloodline since DAY ONE. Russia has No history with black people. I get 2 reactions from Russians when they see me... Shocked or Confused, as they wonder why I am here. In America’s history, there was “White Only” restaurants, bars, clubs..everything! And my skin color was hated. The FREEDOM from Racism is breath of fresh air. The Russian govt doesn’t see my skin color as weapon. Secondly, Jehovah’s Witnesses are officially labeled as a terrorist group in Russia. They are banned. The very cult that ripped my family apart; and stole my childhood is illegal here. It sounds like a small thing. But do your research about JW’s. They are a bigger group than most people think. So my arrival to Russia literally gave me a blank slate. I have the freedom to rebuild my life the way I choose. This is not a political statement for or against Any country. Im just sharing a piece of MY life story. One day, I will elaborate more. But the specific details of my life is painful for me to speak about: From loosing my ENTIRE family to the cult as they cut off ALL communication with me, to living in this world alone as a single black female; the huge mistakes I made trying to figure out this world on my own, suicide attempts, stole a car, surviving rape- cancer- loving the wrong people. Hurting people bc I didn’t know how to love. (I still don’t. 😂😩). One day I PROMISE To tell my full story about Russia.

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