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Womens day 2023

I got another stamp in my passport, my Foxy´s. Thats country number 37 for me, if anyone is counting. Some women brag about their kids, I brag about my stamps. LOL. And to make it even more delicious, I received my stamp on womens day!! I hosted a Womens Day Concert in Armenia; the Hard Rock cafe. It was one of my top favourite Hard Rocks that I´ve seen.

Being paid to celebrate my favorite holiday, and earn a stamp in my passport while simultaneously is giving Goddess vibes. It´s giving Moxie Here´s A Little Gift vibes. Did I mention I shared the stage with a female pianist..Yes, On Womens Day. I was just in cloud Nine the entire event. Not a bad start for the year. Dear 2023, let´s continue to be friends. Love, Moxie!

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