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YOU keep me Sane...

I was not expecting many people to show, but the venue was sold out. As usual, I was so happy to see everyone. Do not EVER think you are just the "audience". You keep me sane, especially these past few months. With the borders being closed, not being able to fly home, it has been a bit stressful. When the pandemic started, I was preparing to fly home. I wanted to be close to family and friends during this crazy time. Alas, I was stuck here in Russia. For the first time, I felt anxious about being here alone. As time went on, the feelings gradually subsided. However, everyday there are reports of people dying, growing ill, and even loosing their jobs. It hurts my heart, knowing there is nothing i can do to help anyone.

Coming together with you , for a couple of hours to enjoy music, is my greatest pleasure. We allowed ourself to forget about our worries. I can´t emphasize how humbled I am that you trusted me with the task. And I hope I didnt disappoint. December 26th, we do it all over again at Esse. Get your tickets early, as venues are allowed to only run at 25% capacity during the pandemic. Until we meet again, PLEASE take care of yourself. And BE KIND.

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