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A beautiful ride thru moscow

Updated: Jun 27

In America, people get annoyed if we put up holiday decorations too early; or take them down too late. Fortunately, Russia doesn't subscribe to such thinking. It's past Valentines, and the Christmas decorations are still brightening Moscow. I LOVE IT!

One of my favourite past times is riding thru the city in a nice car, listening to music. In this clip, I am sharing a moment of me riding thru the city. This is near the Moscow river. Isn't it beautiful? Imagine enjoying a delicious business dinner, accompanied with excellent wine...and topping it off with a delightful ride home, thru the city. Ahhh...small moments like this make life so sweet.

It's a beautiful sight to see and I can't help but wish that the rest of the world would follow suit and keep festive spirit alive all year round. Imagine how much more cheerful our cities would be! Stay Foxy!!

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