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Are you celebrating galentines, palentines, or valentines??

Take the poll...Are you celebrating Galentines, Palentines, or Valentines? Happpy LOVE Day, Foxies!! I love this time of the year. It's like the whole world is in love with itself. And it gives us Cheeeessy people an excuse to go all out, minus the eye roll from others. This day is about acknowledging those important relationships we take for granted. Life moves fast, and sometimes we forget to show a little appreciation. So Feb 14th says "Girl, slow down."

Some are fortunate to celebrate all three. I will be celebrating two out of three this year. Can you guess which ones? And what are you plans for today? For those of you who think you aren't celebrating none of the three, you are wrong, darling.

This blog is to all of my Fellow Foxies who have been with me thru out the years. I cherish each comment, email, ticket purchase, and good vibes sent my way. I promise I hear you. And I love you too. Happy Palentines !!! Stay Foxy!!

Choose each One You Are Celebrating ?

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