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disco cups

My friends, have you seen my new collection of "Disco Cups"? Check out this link to order yours today.

Get the party started with our dazzling disco cups! Handcrafted and unique, they're perfect for any occasion. Each one is designed by hand, so no two are the same. But they are equally stunning and distinctive. These cups can hold up to 300 ml of your favorite beverage, (I use my "silver moon" cup for martinis.) making them perfect for any occasion.

I have one in every color. However, my "Pussy Pink" disco cup is my most favorite. Extra Alert: I take my Disco Cups to parties and events. It prevents any mixup with other people's drinks. While everyone is drinking out of a regular glass, I have my "Pussy Pink" rhinestone glass. But they are perfect for any occasion, anywhere. So order yours today.


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