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Evil Does prosper. karma is a lie

There's no such thing as Karma. Good and bad happens to everyone. "Unforeseen circumstances befall us all.." What sense does it make to believe in Karma when everyone suffers? However, for every action there is a reaction. It's a fact based on science; contrary to Karma, which is based on antidotes and generations-of-handed-down-baseless beliefs. But the fact that Evil prospers is proof that Karma is either weak, or nonexistent.

"They will get theirs at the end" and "The dark always comes to light", are two of the BIGGEST lies next to Santa Clause. Even though it makes no sense, people are conditioned to believe in karma, without evidence. I guess believing in Karma can also be seen as a coping mechanism. But because I don't believe in it, I must learn to live with the realization that I will never get justice for being brainwashed by a cult.

I would be lying if i said I am "over it"to the point that my anger has subsided. Restoring my brain to it's original setting is a lifetime process. To this very day, I still get "aha" moments when a new revelation hits me. For example, I used to label myself "bad" because I lied about going to karaoke when i was in the cult. Karaoke was my escape from the hell i called life. I would spend hours at a bar, nursing one beer, and enjoying karaoke. I NEVER got drunk, never went home with anyone...NOTHING. It was just me and Music, in our own little world

But surely, a single gal at a bar is looking for trouble. Right? I mean, it is just unfathomable to think I could go out alone, without getting drunk and falling onto a penis...right? So I lied about going to Karaoke. I would drive a city over just to sit at a dive-bar-hole-in-the-wall, enjoy a cheap beer, and sing karaoke. Of course, I'd prefer to chill at a bar closer to home. But I feared someone would see me, and tell the elders. I felt so guilty I was living a double life. But in reality, I wasnt doing anything wrong.

Sitting with my girlfriend at brunch one Sunday, we were sharing and confessing sins to each other over a bottle of Proseco. (It's a "foxy girl" thing... so some of you may not understand). When I shared with her how I would sneak to karaoke for years, and was never caught, she was not impressed. "You were in your twenties, at a karaoke bar. It's not like you were sneaking out to rob a bank", she said flatly.

"Yes, but I was living a big lie". I responded.

"BIG LIE?? " she laughed. "That's like lying about going to the store. There's nothing wrong with karaoke. You had to lie because SOMEONE ELSE said it was wrong." As she doubled- over from laughter, I had an "aha" moment. She was absolutely right.

I started thinking about all of the things I did that made me a "bad" person : secretly accepting Christmas and birthday gifts, sneaking to rated R movies, speaking to ex-members of the cult (cult members arent allowed to speak to former members) I carried that guilt with me until recently. RECENTLY!!!! All of this time, I would say about myself "I used to do bad things when i was in the cult." And that belief has stuck with me, despite the evidence showing other wise. But that's what brainwashing does to people.

Brainwashing is not about truth. It's pure conditioning. And who will pay for my brain being raped?? My very basic human right of controlling my mental development was violated. And for the rest of my life, I will continue to discover hidden wounds that need healing. Meanwhile, the cult continues to prosper. No one pays for the assault. Karma is a lie. Evil does prosper.


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