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how long do you masturbate?

Sis, it's that time again...time to answer the poll below. This was a fun clip. Samantha has ALWAYS been my favorite on the show. Her liberal attitude about sex and life was so refreshing.

Coming from a cult background, I had no desire to masturbate. Using the bible, it was drilled in to my head that god hated masturbation. And those who did it were disgusting, filthy creatures that would be destroyed at armageddon. The cult completely deaden any natural desires to touch myself. The thought of it made me feel gross. I grew ashamed and disgusted with my sexual organs. Though i have escaped the cult, i still have a few hang ups about masturbation. I do dabble every once in a while (no pun intended), and a feel a tinge of guilt each time. Another hang up i have is that , I can't use my bare hands to do it. I have a few vibrators. As my sister said "It feels like rubbing a cutlet chicken" LMAO!!! Anyway, when i do..i like a quickie. What about you? Take the poll below, and Speak Out, Sis!

how long do you masturbate?

  • I like to take my time

  • i like a quickie


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