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Sex bomb weekend

Happy Monday, Foxies! Hope your weekend was great. Mine was pretty awesome. I had a few concerts between Thursday and Saturday. By the time Self Care Sunday rolled around, I was exhausted. So I slept the entire day. Today I treated my vocal cords to a steam session, accompanied by a Vocal Rest day. Monday has been pretty well so far. In the video I am serving Chocolate Marylin Monroe for one of my shows. I LOVE pink. I felt so fabulous. The material hugged my curves in al the right places. Stunning!

I had to learn "Sex Bomb" by Tom Jones for one of my shows. Most of my followers are Russian. I was curious as to how many knew the song. The poll in the video is from my Instagram stories. About 80% knows the song. But of course they do. Foxies are Funky!! Ow!!

Let's use "Sex Bomb" as our them song for the week. Stay Foxy!


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