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show must go on

If there's anything Freddie Mercury taught us is that the show is the utmost important of all. No matter Must go on. In our heart, every entertainer signs a Hippocratic Oath to uphold the integrity of the Show. That explains why I am sitting in a chair, as I sing Whitney.

First of all, it is of utmost disrespect to sing a song of the Iconic Queen Whitney, while sitting in a chair during a performance. Practically sacrilegious. But Whitney was a performer. She too signed the Hippocratic Oath to the Show. So I believe I would have had her blessing to perform, while sitting down.

I've never heard of Black Ice, until I moved to Moscow. Black Ice is a thin layer of "invisible" ice that coats the city during the winter snow. Of course, the Russians walk over the ice with no problem, even though they don't see it. As the Russian women gracefully strut across the ice in high heels; I am stumbling to the ground every few steps, in my Nike boots. Fast forward to the day of this performance, I slipped on Black ice, and SMACKED the ground hard. My entire right side was throbbing, my lip slightly cut, and I broke a nail!

The gentlemen that witnessed my fall were clamoring to assist me off the ground. Ten minutes later, I am inspecting my swollen foot, trying to decipher my next steps. Of course, canceling the show was Never an option, especially on Women's Day. If there was anytime I needed to be a Wonder was this time. A shot of whiskey, and two Tylenols later...I am performing Whitney Houston while sitting in a Chair. Thank Goddess it was a private, intimate event. Sitting in a chair didnt deter for the show.

I remember watching Kobe Bryant being on trial for rape, when i was younger. And in between court appearances, he still played basketball. Though, there was no verdict at the time, the audience still booed him as he performed. But he didnt let it effect his play. One after another...Swoosh, SWOOSH! Nothing but Net! And that made the haters more upset, because he was thriving, despite his surrounding tribulations.

Thats when I learned one of the biggest lessons of my life. NO MATTER WHAT, it is our Obligation to share of gifts to the world. As much as it is in my power, the show Must Always go On.

Stay Foxy!


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