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excuse the misunderstanding

It was brought to my attention that my last blog was misunderstood, and people were offended. My friends, it was not a political statement of any kind. Here is an explanation:

Galentines, Valentines with your Gals (girlfriends)

Palentines, Valentines with your Pals (friends)

Valentines, Romantic Love

I hope that explains everything. I'm so sorry for anyone who was offended. But it is a complete misunderstanding. The blog was about LOVE....but it appeared as if I was spreading hate, Chile.

At any rate, I hope everyone had a wonderful Love Day! Holiday lights are still decorating Moscow, so it was delightful to celebrate Love in the city. My favourite part was riding thru the city at night, enjoying the lights. Then "California Dreamin" came on the radio, I felt nostalgic. It made em think of all the love I have in Cali. Let me share a piece of my celebration with you, and check out the video. And with love, I end this blog. Stay Foxy!


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