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GYAH. Get Yo´Ass Home..

Let me apologise for being so vague with my responses to the current events. And I sincerely appreciate everyone´s concerns. I can cut your love with a knife, it´s so thick. I wish i could hug you right now. I could surely use one at the moment. But barrage of worry and anxiety-filled messages were becoming too overwhelming for me. In order to keep my sanity, I had to shut off the world. I needed time these past few days to figure out my next-life- decisions, thats best for me at the moment. But no matter what, please know that my tribe always know where I am. And I am safe. And, of course, as the unforeseen future unfolds, my GYAH plan stays updated.

I thought you might be curious what does everyday life look like in Moscow, at the moment. I will start sharing as much of my "regular life" as I can. I think it´s important for the world to continue to see Russians as humans. It is easy to lump people in one group, when you dont know them very well..and emotions are involved. As a Black woman, I know this fact too well, and reminded daily. And as Russia becomes more isolated, they world´s heart is gradually hardening against them.

I have been fortunate enough to make friends here, find love, become a part of a community... the thought of me leaving it behind weighs so heavy on my heart. Though it is becoming difficult to stay here, as Russia becomes more isolated, I am navigating new avenues to keep my world from falling apart. Which means longer travel to international destinations, and higher cost of living...etc. At the moment, I prefer these minute inconveniences over uprooting my life, and moving away from my Loved Ones...

I am praying for Everyone effected by this war. I am sending special love to the Africans in Ukraine who have experienced racism while trying to obtain asylum. And lastly, if you dont have your GYAH plan for your life...please do! That includes emergency funds, passports, health records, a living will. I personally need to come up with a GYAH plan part 2, that will include in-case-of-a-sudden-war option....

I love you all. And I will keep you posted.

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