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how to reclaim your power

How's life treating you, Foxies? I want you all to know I am so proud of you. This year hasn't been easy, as we look at circumstances on a worldwide scale. And if you're like me, you've struggled with a couple of setbacks in your personal life. It takes strength to keep going when we feel we are taking one step forward, and two steps back. But we keep going...and we should be proud of ourselves.

At times, it can seem like our power is outweighed by our circumstances. However, it's important to remember that our power is fluid. We always have the ability to take back control and refocus our attention on ourselves. There are many ways to take back your power, and it starts with recognizing that it's always been within you.

​After escaping the cult, I felt lost and powerless. I had given every fiber of my being to the organization. So when I left the sect, I felt depleted. I had no reason to live. My very existence was based on being an upstanding cult member. But, as I started to love myself and appreciate my own worth, I understood that I was worth living for. I found my power growing within me. The first step to taking back our power is to love and accept ourself for who we are. We are worthy of respect and love, and that starts with how we treat ourself. From there, we can start setting healthy boundaries and saying no to things that don't serve us.

In the past, when dealing with traumatic situations, I would neglect myself. I wouldn't eat for long periods of time. I would play the situation over, and over in my head which kept me in a constant state of high anxiety. I would punish myself, wrecked with guilt... It was a never ending cycle. But today, the first thing I do when something happens I ask myself "What do I need to do to take care of myself at this point?" And I immediately do it, because if i hesitate..i won't do it. So "reclaiming your power" is basically "Loving yourself"...because that's all it boils down to, really. Your Power is Your Self- Love.

My latest song "Power" with Victor Karzalov starts by saying "Round and round...where our love stops, don't nobody know." Love equates power. And theyre both fluid..depending on what we do, and our perspective. The more love and grace we show ourselves, the more power we have. I love you all, and I wish all of us MORE POWER..because we can never love ourself too much. Stay Foxy!

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