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Top 5 Benefits of revenge

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

"Revenge tastes the best when it is served with Red Wine.", my most favorite part of my lyrics in Forever Your Lady. Click the link to stream my new song.

There's so many benefits for taking the high road, of course. Do you agree, Foxys? But Moxie math says that a detour is needed every once in a while (Moxie sips a little wine).

Though I believe my lyrics serve true, there's a more popular saying about revenge: The best revenge is living your best life. But but both sayings can blend , depending on ones perspective, I believe.

Do you remember this scene from Pretty Woman? NO ONE can deny the sweet taste of revenge that salivates in our mouths, when watching this clip over and over for years to come. In less than five seconds, it teaches the top benefits of revenge. Can you guess what they are? Tell me if you agree with my Top 5 Benefits of Revenge...

1.Protect Others from Becoming a Victim. Thanks to Vivian's actions, the Retail worker will now be kind to everyone who comes into their establishment.

2. Empowerment. When Vivian first left the store, she felt humiliated from being terribly mistreated by the lady. She left with tears streaming down her face, trembling and totally distraught. But when she returned, her shoulders were back; head held high. She strutted thru the shop, and spoke clearly. ate her up, then waltzed back out the door. The ability to strip off the label victim from one's self, and drape the shoulders in power is the most intoxicating dance a woman can experience. To stand up for ones self after being pushed to the ground, gives us strength to reach for more of what we want in life. We start to trust ourself even more.

3. Street Cred. Surely, the story about Vivian was legendary around town. And every upscale venue knew to look out for her visits at their place of business. And of course they already knew of Mr. Edward, a very important businessman before they knew of Vivian. That four seconds of revenge branded her reputation, as a warning to anyone who dared to disrespect her.

4. Great Story for Parties. If I was Vivian, My friends would eventually stop inviting me places because they would be SO SICK of hearing about my four-second-revenge story. Ha ha ha!!!

5. Inspires Hope. When a well thought-out revenge moment is put into motion, it creates a beautiful masterpiece. Pretty Woman did just that for us. We all have been Vivian at some point in our life. We've been trampled on, and overlooked. It crushed us. And for those times we never got closure...that four-second-revenge clip was purely for us. It gives us hope that Karma will pay them a visit one day.

I bet you never thought about revenge in such a positive light before reading my blog. Well, please be careful allowing me to lead you down a naughty path. I take NO responsibilities for causing anyone to grow devil horns, Foxy's. MWAAHHH!! Stream my song about Revenge available on all platforms. And let me know your thoughts about revenge. Am I the only one that takes a detour every once in a while (Moxie searches for Pretty Woman on Amazon)? Love you all. Stay Foxy!!

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