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My first masterclass and music event

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Foxies, my weekend was filled with Sleep, Sleeeep, and SLEEEEP!! How about you? I was utterly depleted from the Master Class event from December 8th. My shows are usually 1.5 hours maximum. But they requested 3 hours, and i immediately said yes. But I didnt take in consideration that 1.5 hours with a band is waaay differ than 1.5 hours with just me, instrumentals, and a Saxaphonist. With a band, there's musician solos, which gives me time to catch my breath in between singing. With instrumentals, there are no breathing-pockets. So I was truly singing for THREE hours!!

But the time flew by swiftly, because it turned into a party for me, per usual. And in true Russian form, the guests kept offering me drinks. The first hour, I stood my ground. But by the time the show was over , I was three prosecos and a shot of a delicious fruity alcohol into drinking. Sasha, the sax was sooo disciplined. He took not one sip, and remained focus. But Russians tend to be a bit disciplined than Americans anyway.

It was an invite- only event, with a guests of about eight people. That added to my stress level. The bigger the crowd, the more fun it is. But these guests were lively, fun and we had a blast! At the end of the night, they requested about 45 minutes more from me. To my surprise, my vocal strength did not waiver. Keeping up with my Vocal rehearsals and maintenance truly paid off. I had no choice but to honor my body for supporting me. Thats why I did nothing over the weekend but sleep, electrolyte replenishment....and TOTAL VOCAL REST.

There's nothing like being exhausted from doing what you love. Right, Foxies?

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