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Russians calling black people 'Black"

I have no idea how to start this blog, my Foxies. There are Sooo many different highlights and moments I want to touch on from this day. It made me glad that I decided to carry around my GoPro for the day. I could place to start is with Anfisa.

Anfisa is an MUA artist I found on instagram. One of my fellow musicians shared clips of Anfisa's work, and I asked for her contact immediately. The clip is from the first time we are meeting each other. The discussions were so interesting and lively. One of the most hilarious moments was to learn her peculiar point of view about racism.

'Am I your first black client?" I asked her. She looked at me with confusion.

'You call yourself that word?" Anfisa asked me.

"What word?..Black?."

"Yes". I started to laugh because I thought she was joking. But the look on her face said she was totally serious. She proceeded to explain to me that she thought it was racist to call black people "black". I explained to her that it wasn't racist, but she refused to say it. Check out the video of our conversation. And watch me try to force her to call me Black at the end of the video. It's hilarious. Foxies, she started crying, and I couldn't gather myself to give her sympathy. LMAO!

Stay Foxy, my Luvz!

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