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What do you think? Is the father/daughter relationship the model for all her dating relationships?

Does the Father/daughter relationship effect her dating relationships

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I voted yes. When my parents separated, my dad visited very little. Eventually he stopped coming around all together. Then his number and address changed, and he didn't tell us. It took me about two years to track him down.

When I did, he was married with a nine month old baby. After visiting him a couple of times, we didn't speak again bc he made no effort to keep in touch. It was clear he wanted to move on with his new family.

I don't think there is no greater pain for a dughter to be abandoned by her father. I never wanted to feel that oain again. So i made sure I dated assholes with Big, Red flags. That way, I made sure I wouldn't fall in love with them.

If I dont fall in love, it wont hurt so bad when they leave. Being left was inevitable, I believed. Because if your father will leave you, of course all men will eventually do it.

I lived my life this way for a very long time, subconsciously.


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