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happy women's day!!

It's OUR day, Ladies!!! You better not disappoint me by doing Nothing for yourself.

In honor of Women's Day, I decided to post a picture with no filter, airbrushing..etc. Because it's Black and White, you can see every stretch mark, fat vein, dry skin...

Even though i LOVE, LUUV, LOVE when my photos are edited glam-style, I love the "real" me even more! When I look back at what I have accomplished in my life, despite having a tumultuous past, my chest fills up with pride. My blood, sweat, and tears washed away alot of debris along my journey. Healing isn't lineage, so sometimes I stumble. But in the words of Maya Angelou "Still I Rise".

Happy Womens Day to ALL of my female Foxies!! I wish you Self Love, Abundance, happiness, and Great Friends. If you don't celebrate yourself (which would be tragic) be sure to celebrate the wonderful women in history that pioneered in fighting for Women's rights. Love you all. Stay Foxy!!

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