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Heey, Foxy Ladies!!

Of course, I am big on Ladies' empowerment. Heavy on the empowerment. But I want to give a special shout out to the Ladies doing the damn thing, single handedly.

From the day a woman is born, until the day she has her final child, society encourages, supports, and promotes her life choices. There's no tax cuts for single, childless women. Other women get baby showers, weddings, bridal showers, lingerie parties, bachelorette parties etc. But if a woman chooses to start her own business, travel the world, or simply enjoy her life solo...there is NOTHING society does for us. "Happily Ever After" stories are only reserved for women who dedicate their life to a man, or to producing people. There's ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with their life choices. But it is the rest of us who are scrutinized.

Well, I am starting my Friday with a Cheers to my Fellow, Female Foxies that are pioneering the way for others who dare to walk our path. It's not easy taking a trail that's less traveled because it doesnt come with instructions nor support from the general public. Many times we aren't taken seriously, and must work twice as hard to prove our worth. Not only are we constantly fighting the self- critical voice; but we are learning thru trial and error, while having a society making us feel like less than. ENOUGH!

It's Friday. Have a toast with me, and let's toast to our celebration: our success; and life choices. And dont you DARE skip this weekend without showing yourself some love. Heavy on the LOVE. Stay Foxy!

Shall We Create a Holiday for Single and Childless Ladies?

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Apr 26
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Cheers to you Queen Fox!!!you just brightened my day...Have a FABULICIOUS DAY 🇨🇦 CHEERS TO CHOICES 💯❤️

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