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Monday mood..ugh.

Foxies, I was sick the ENTIRE week, last week. The Universe must have known because two very appointments postponed our meeting. One of the greatest feelings in the worls is when the other person reschedules at a moment you didnt feel like going. But I'm feeling waay better. And I have a feeling this week is going to be fabulous. For two weeks, I was spiraling from the new "cult rules".

I was consciously fighting to keep Drakania in check. I could literally feel the bitterness brewing in my heart. Thankfully, my fellow Foxies provided me with an overwhelming support from all over the world. I know i have already thanks you before...but there are no words to express how much I appreciate it. Then last week I was physically ill. I think i had caught a stomach flu. I was miserable But on a good note, I lost four pounds last week. LOL

Prepare to have a great week, Foxies. It's in the stars for us. I can feel it.


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