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love will save the day:)

Happy Monday, my Friends! I hope your weekend was lovely. The days are starting to get longer, which has given me a little boost in my mood. I am not a big fan of long, winter nights. Welcome, Sweet Sun...welcome!

The first song on Moxie's Monday Motivational playlist (yes, I have a playlist specifically for my Mondays) this morning was "Love Will Save the Day" by Des'ree. Scene: Moxie running on her treadmill, while enjoying the warmth from the sun in the window, with "Love Will Save the Day" bouncing off the walls. What great way to start my week.

"Love Will Save the Day" encourages us to strive for our best selves and persevere through tough times. Do yourself a favour and add it to your Monday playlist. You'll thank me later. I am wishing a fantabulous and productive week ahead. Stay Foxy!

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