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Michael jackson or taylor swift...russians opinion..

A debate has been brewing in America over the past few years...who is the most popular: Michael Jackson or Taylor Swift. I was shocked the comparison was ever made. Michael Jackson became the

King of Pop WITHOUT streaming music...BEFORE social media. People had to buy ALBUMS for artists to receive credit for being legit. Taylor Swift is an amazing performer. But she has yet to reach the heights of stardom that Michael Jackson accomplished.

At the Wine Tasting event, I decided to ask my Russian acquaintances their opinion on the matter. I sat in the office with Viktor (DJ), Anotonic (Saxaphonist), and Sergey (event planner). I asked them to name their favorite Michael Jackson and Taylor Swift songs. I posted a full uncut video of our dscussion. Watch and Enjoy! Shout to my Swifties and MJ Fans. Stay Foxy!

Who is the Most Popular?

  • Michael Jackson

  • Taylor Swift



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