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Women's day celebration report

THEEEEEE SWEEETEST event I've had the privilege of musically host this year is "Womens Day." It was an Invite-Only Wine Tasting. The host of the party invited all the women in his life...including those who worked at his company. Of course, he had family there also.

I made sure the playlist was filled with music that celebrated women. For example, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", "If I Were A Boy", "It's Raining Men"...and so many more. This was my second show with Anitoly on Saxaphone. I added a little commentary from him in the clip for all of my American friends who asked to know a little about the musicians in Moscow. The place was hosted at the beautiful Cantinetta Antonori.

Their food is so delicious. "The family wine house Antinori, which has existed for 700 years, is one of the main heroes of the Italian wine breakthrough of the 70s of the last century. Cantinetta Antinori is a restaurant about food and wine - children of the fertile land and generous sun of Tuscany."

My next Invite- Only show is on March 26th. Stay tuned for a blog. Stay Foxy!!

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