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Sold Out show! Thank you,Foxys!!!

Updated: Jun 26

I am uber grateful for the sold out Stevie Wonder Tribute Concert! Humongous thank you to everyone who attended. If you attended the show, Click Here to say Hi,

The Novotel Kievskaya Hotel's roof was the perfect venue. The sun made itself comfortable, and stayed for the show. I am lucky to have had my last two roof concert My favourite moment was when the audience sang along with me to "I Just Call To Say I Love You". Foxys know how much i LOVE a sing-along. On a less serious note, when my button popped, and my boobs were ready to say hello - thank Goddess Vanya was there to save me. LOL.

I thought about wearing all black, since the theme was funk! But i opt for my loosely fitting, white romper. It was the BEST idea. Can you imagine how uncomfortable I wouldve been, dressed in all black under the sun?? Ugh!! I didnt think about that when I gave my musicians black shirts to wear. Ouff! I won´t be making that mistake again.

So I am thinking about Tina Turner or Adele for my next tribute show. Which would you choose. Either way, I will be adding my original music to the playlist. Ive never performed or promoted my music during my shows before. Why? Well, that story is for another blog for another time. See you at my next show. Until then, Stay Foxy!

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