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Ain't nobody Chaka khan.

This Monday Motivational Music is from Chaka Khan. Foxies, if you don't know Chaka don't know MUSIC. Certainly! Chaka Khan is an absolute icon in the music industry, with an incredible voice that's hard to forget. Two of my favorite songs hers are "Ain't Nobody" and "I Feel for You", which is actually written by Prince.

This music superstar has bagged ten Grammy Awards and has been nominated 22 times. Chaka can sing in not one, not two, but eight different genres! From R&B to jazz, pop to rock, gospel to country, classical to dance music, this artist is a musical octopus!

Looks like Chaka Khan is living her best life in2023! She got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and said "peace out" to LA, moving to a big ol' property in Georgia. Apparently, she's found some zen there. Who knew all it took was a of scenery? Maybe we should all follow in her footsteps move to the countryside! Happy Monday, Foxies!

Which Chaka Khan songs do you know?

  • 0%Tell Me Something Good

  • 0%I Feel For You

  • 0%Ain't Nobody

  • 0%Thre the Fire

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