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Singing in russia and america simultaneously

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Chocolate and Vodka, Foxys! How´s your Monday treating you? My return to the work week we so quick and aggressive. I need a weekend-do-over. Sheesh!

Were you able to catch my radio interview with RUSA.FM? It´s on their website, click the link and enjoy . I also made a behind-the-scenes video report . And in this blog, I am sharing Sasha and my impromptu- performance of "Summertime". Excuse all of the footing I am sharing from this experience. But this was the first time performed live in America and Russia at the same time. It was an amazing feeling. The fact that music continues to bring the two biggest enemies together..while religion, politics, and war divides.

Anyway, please give a listen to our performance, and tell me what you think . I just wrote a blog yesterday, so i am keeping this one short and sweet. It´s Monday, and i am sure we are all buy preparing for the rest of the week. LOL. Stay Foxy!

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