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Do You Know Where to find single men?

Besides dating apps, where would you suggest to meet single men? Leave a comment. I am especially curious to hear how parents would answer this question. Raising kids in the virtual world era eliminates face to face contact. Dating apps are a curse and a blessing. A girl doesnt have to spend her precious time, energy, and money just to be disappointed when she meets the guy. Chillin' in my onsie while watching Basketball Wives, Orlando ,and swiping right sounds so much more appealing. But, as i mentioned before, that human connection is lost. So where would a gal go to possibly bump into a quality man?

As a singer, men are always around. It comes with the job. I don't make the rules, I just benefit from them. LOL. So I would suggest checking out concerts, festivals , any musical event. There's always single men there. And the bonus is you already enjoy the same kind of music, if you meet at a concert. What are your thoughts, my Friends?


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