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Google Translate Saved my life....a little

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Diamonds and Kisses, Foxys! What are you doing this beautiful Saturday? I am enjoying the fact I am still alive, thanks to Google Translate...a little.

My apartment building has a built in intercom for emergency announcements. I was never told about it. Then today, a very loud, stern voice filled my apartment. Startled, I jumped off my sofa. I didnt know what was going on. I could also hear the recorded voice echoing in the hallway, outside my apartment. Which meant everybody else was hearing the same thing in their apartment. But none of my neighbors opened their door, like me. Confused, I went back into my apartment and retrieved my iPhone. The voice was on constant repeat, so I pulled up my google translate app, to figure out what the hell was happening.

Google translated there was a fire, and i needed to leave the building immediately. Oh hell no! I live on the 11th floor. And I couldnt use the evelvator, of course. The only way out is the stairs. I imagined all the people in the stair way, tripping over each other to get downstairs.I quickly slipped on my shoes, poured me a glass of wine, and left my spot. Oddly enough, I didnt see anyone else in the stairway. Oh my Goddess, I am the only person left in the building, i thought to myself. That made me even more frantic, the thought of being the only person caught by the fire.

I can´t explain the relief I felt once i reached the outside. But when i got there, I saw no one else. I know Google Translate didnt misinterpret, i thought to myself. I look to my left and saw kids playing on the playground. To my right, just a parking lot full of cars. No people. Finally, a gentlemen came out my building. But he didnt appear frantic, or anything. He was simply strolling to join his kid on the playground. I stopped him to helo me figure out what was going on..what was i missing.

Thru google translate, he was able to tell me that the warning was a false alarm. But no one knew it was a false alarm at the time. So I didnt understand why i was the only person standing outside in her pajamas, holding a glass of wine. "Russians don´t scare easily. Youre American. We are built different." He said to me. I didnt know how to feel about his comment. Because he was right, in a way.

During the pandemic, there was no mass panic in Russia. No hoarding of groceries and toilet paper. We ran out of nothing in the stores. And Russia is one of the countries that has the least vaccinated. They are just built different here. But i am not from here...So to the stairwell i went. I dont think i would do anything different, except bring an entire bottle of wine instead of just a glass.


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