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Updated: Nov 1

Do you speak more than one language? Take the poll below.

I am often asked how I am able to perform with Russian musicians, without knowing the language. It's a reasonable question,

but the task isn't as difficult as many would think. Many Russians speak English. And the translating apps are very helpful.

At rehearsal, I don't really communicate with the musicians, as much as they communicate with each other. I usually just wait for someone to say "Raz, two three" (Raz is how musicians began to count. It's weird they don't say the word "Odin" which means one...but that's another blog .)

Here's a brief clip from rehearsal . I am not sure what's being said. But as you can see...I just wait for them to start playing...and I join in..LOL.

Another reason we mesh so easily is because I have been playing with these musicians for years. So we pretty much understand each other, without using our languages. It is normal for humans to began reading each others mannerisms, inflections, and body language after being around each other for a while. That's what I believe happens with musicians of same and different languages.

As a matter of fact, I would say thirty percent of my show is not rehearsed, but they are impromptu moments during the show that's created only by reading the other musicians, as we are playing. And within seconds, we are playing a new piece...yet we are n'sync.

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